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Our vision

We want to be a point of reference in the eCommerce transformation. The rapid change and the deep innovations put us in front of a growing complexity: we want to take up the challenge of understanding it, managing it and making it available to everyone.

Our Mission

We focus our daily efforts in listening and understanding our clients' goals in order to help them in building a growth path that leads to the success of their project.

Our work is guided by


We are a united team and we know how to work while having fun; we want to enlarge our family to all the partners.


Digital requires constant studies and updates, a challenge that can be grasped only if you are passionate.


Technology makes us compete in a highly innovative and constantly evolving market; we believe that this, rather than a risk, is a great opportunity for growth.


We take our work very seriously and pay constant attention to all the risks deriving from the digital world.


For almost twenty years we have developed eCommerce projects and technologies by mediating the needs of the market, the brands, the partners and the final customers; that's what we do best.


We firmly believe in respect and value of people; we are passionate about technology, but with the awareness of having to help our clients.

Facts about us

Barcelona is the land where we were born

Although we are originally from Turin, Italy!

We just turned 20!

The company was founded in 2000, so this year we turned 20!

We are ZeroGrey, an international agency with twenty years of experience in the eCommerce sector. We simplify the complexity of online sales, encouraging brands to offer their products to an international audience.



We are an international team of 100 professionals specialized in different business areas around the eCommerce world including web developers, project managers, marketing experts and many others.


Digital Projects

Having a home based business is a wonderful asset to your life. The problem still stands, when it comes time to advertise your business for a cheap cost.