6 Tips to Optimise your Fashion E-commerce

November 17, 2022

Currently, the leading sector in e-commerce is fashion and accessories, accumulating considerable sales figures. According to a report by Statista, fashion is the largest segment of the B2C e-commerce market and the fashion e-commerce market is expected to grow by 9.1% per year. In the same report, the total market size is estimated to reach 1,164.7 billion USD by the end of 2025. This is why factors such as the convenience of buying our favourite clothes online, and without having to travel, is one of the most important aspects in fashion e-commerce and must not be neglected. Having this option, and others essential to the network, is vital in order for fashion companies to achieve growth in e-commerce and high conversion rates as a result.  

ZeroGrey would like to share some tips with you, that you can put into practice to boost the online sale of your fashion products:

1. Improve the User Experience

Fashion e-commerce brands are heavily reliant on user experience. If it’s not easy for users to find the items and/or information they’re looking for, they will simply leave.  

This is a competitive industry and there is no shortage of alternatives out there, so give them the best user experience possible. Make it slick, quick and comprehensive.

It’s also imperative for e-commerce fashion brands to be 100% mobile-friendly, as that is how most consumers shop these days.

2. Try Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the best ways to retain existing customers, attract new ones and increase order size. A good email marketing strategy can greatly increase the average conversion rate for fashion e-commerce

The fashion industry is one of the most interesting sectors to use email marketing. Content needs to be intelligently thought out. This involves sending quality messages to users and not trying to use each email to sell. The idea is to develop trust. We should inform users of seasonal news, introduce products from new collections, or even highlight new trends. It is also important to be consistent in sending out emails, but without falling into the category of spam, as well as including a call to action in each one, related to the content of the email

3. Utilise the Latest AI Technologies

There are a wealth of different technologies on offer that can help you revamp your site.
These include augmented reality fashion e-commerce solutions that give users more of a personalised and visual experience. 

For instance, you can use augmented reality fashion e-commerce tech to show a user what a watch or bracelet will look like on their arm. They can also “wear” clothes using this technology. Other solutions include AI-driven marketing and heatmaps.

4. Use Cross-Selling

By taking advantage of artificial intelligence, we can use the data from our customers' orders to see which products they tend to buy together. This allows us to provide the user with a personalised cross-product offer to increase sales of products that they are not yet aware of, but which are intended for them, making it easier for them to find what they need. Adding a Related Articles section to the products always helps to achieve growth in e-commerce fashion companies.

5. Get Your Fulfilment in Check

This is not 2001, and customers aren’t happy to wait multiple weeks to receive their products or jump through a series of hoops to return them. 

Work on your fashion e-commerce fulfilment to ensure that the ordering and fulfilment process is both smooth and fast. Returns should also be cost-free and hassle-free for your customers. 

Perfectly optimised fashion e-commerce fulfilment won’t do much to convert new customers, but it will play a massive role in convincing those customers to return.

6. Check Your Checkout Process

The checkout process is also key. When deciding how to optimise fashion e-commerce, it is necessary to evaluate the process of closing the sale. It should require as few steps as possible, and be fast and efficient. A slow process loaded with useless steps is synonymous with lost sales. It is also necessary to review carts that have not been finalised and to remind users in those cases, in order to rescue them and increase sales. This is something that can be automated via the platform and that will contribute to increased sales and conversions.

Digital innovation, increasing globalisation, and changes in consumer habits have contributed to the fashion industry finding itself constantly in the midst of fundamental changes. Today, the fashion e-commerce sector is more unpredictable than ever, which is why, here at ZeroGrey, we want to help you boost your fashion brand's online sales. As a leading company with 22 years of experience in e-commerce, we have helped brands such as Chiara Boni, Borsalino and Slam, among others, to sell online and increase their profitability. If you would like to receive more information on how to boost your fashion e-commerce sales, do not hesitate to contact us