7 Ways to Prepare Your E-Commerce for the Christmas Rush

November 22, 2022

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for online retailers. It’s a mad rush—
e-commerce sales increase, couriers work around the clock, and it’s madness until the big day itself.

To ensure that you’re ready for the welcome chaos of Christmas e-commerce, we’ve created a few simple tips. Follow these tips to increase your e-commerce sales.

1. Update Your Store

Every good Christmas e-commerce strategy starts with your website, so you need to get into the Christmas spirit.

Update your e-commerce with Christmas website layouts and categories adapted to facilitate online shopping at this time of the year. Don't forget to make it clear that you are running Christmas promotions and make sure your e-commerce is fast, responsive and easy to use.

After all, even the best e-commerce Christmas marketing efforts will go to waste if everyone who visits your site leaves immediately.

2. Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Ready

A good mobile site is key to generating sales during Christmas e-commerce campaigns.

Most shoppers use their phones and tablets these days, and that’s especially true during the festive season. Customers shop on their commute, at work and whenever they have a few hours to themselves.

3. Prepare Your Delivery Dates

Delivery dates are an often overlooked aspect of an e-commerce Christmas campaign

If a customer visits your site on December 20th, they’ll want to know if their purchase will be shipped and delivered in time for Christmas. If you can’t make those guarantees, they won’t make a purchase.

So, create a notification that links to your delivery details page. Tell them when you’ll be shipping, how long orders take to arrive, and what they can do—if anything—to speed things up.

If you don’t already do it, now is a good time to offer an expedited shipping service.

4. Accept More Payment Options

Do you accept “buy-now-pay-later” (BNPL) services like Klarna? What about PayPal Credit and credit cards?

It is recommended that you incorporate the payment methods most used by online consumers, and according to each market you sell to, into your e-commerce. Make life easy for your customers, and you will start generating sales during Christmas e-commerce campaigns.

5. Stock Up

One of the important steps in your Christmas e-commerce strategy is to consider your best-selling product stock. Analyse which products have the most sales and which ones will become new favourites this Christmas, so you can be stocked up to sell online without hassle.

You can’t increase e-commerce sales if you have no products to sell. So, the earlier you stock up, the better.

6. Prepare Your Christmas
E-Commerce Marketing

Do you have your Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaign ready? Ideally, you should be using the weeks before Christmas to test your Christmas e-commerce strategy, learning which products sell best, what prices drive the highest sales and what customers want.

That way, when Christmas is just a couple of weeks away, you can launch all of your campaigns, dial them up to the maximum, and increase your e-commerce sales!

7. Don’t Forget About Customer Support

Brands often get so caught up in Christmas e-commerce marketing and strategizing that they forget about the basics, including customer support.

You’ll get a lot of questions around this time of year:

- When will my order be shipped?
- Can you gift wrap it?
- Can I purchase using my details but ship somewhere else?
- Where is my order?

Take some of the strain off your customer support team by creating an FAQ. Autoresponders can also help. But remember, it’s not all about diverting their questions. You still need a good support team that’s ready to answer questions.

Do you want to get the most out of your online Christmas campaign? At ZeroGrey, we are e-commerce accelerators with 22 years of experience in the sector. Contact us, and we will help you boost your online sales this Christmas.