The historic Milanese hosiery company Rede Group chooses ZeroGrey to regenerate itself

Rede Group: "ZeroGrey helps create an excellent user experience to win new digital customers"
Rede Group, the historic Milanese hosiery company founded in 1938, chooses the ecommerce company ZeroGrey to conquer a new target of online customers. 

The company – with a long manufacturing tradition – also has a vocation for innovation, thanks to which it opened up to the ecommerce world a few years ago. Now, however, Rede Group wants to embark on a new target of digital customers, and to do this it has turned to the agency ZeroGrey, which – through the latest generation ecommerce platform Kooomo – has worked on the site with the aim of maximising the user experience and thus winning new digital customers. The ZeroGrey agency's front-end team was responsible for building an ecommerce with the best possible UX to make Rede Group's customers feel comfortable buying their favourite products.
"We needed a platform that respected our needs, following the look and feel of what the brand represents," said Rede Group, which ZeroGrey chose to migrate from Magento to Kooomo. "In Kooomo we found a great partner that could help us grow in terms of services and functionalities. ZeroGrey's dynamics and way of working are in line with our needs and we felt it could also help us achieve our future goals and plans. The fact that Kooomo works with an agile logic was definitely a big advantage.” 

"Being able to support a historical company like Rede Group on the digital level has been a real honour for us,” – said Simone De Ruosi, general manager of ZeroGrey. –“These companies, by innovating and keeping up with the times, represent the hard core of the country, those for which Italy is famous because they have know-how, tradition and an eye towards the future."

And speaking of the future, Rede Group's plans include the idea of maximising visibility and the conversion of new clients: "What we have done with ZeroGrey is part of a wider plan that as a company we have chosen to implement through the digital world. In the near future we want to invest in PR and online communication," Rede Group said.