The First Solidarity and Sustainable eCommerce in Spain Will Become a Reality Thanks to Homeless Entrepreneur and ZeroGrey

February 18, 2021

The eCommerce expert with more than 20 years of experience in the market will be one of the main actors in the consolidation of this project, which aims to finance the housing programme for more than 80 homeless people in Barcelona in 2021.

In Spain, there are around 40,000 estimated homeless people, although official INE figures record 18,000 persons every day in social centres (2019). Contrary to popular belief, becoming homeless is more often caused by losing one's job, not having enough sustainable income or the deterioration of relationships than related to mental health and/or drug problems. 

Homeless Entrepreneur is an association and a sustainable game changer, providing a different approach and aiming to provoke a radical shift of perceptions. “Neither housing nor work ends homelessness by itself. Active citizen participation does,” says Andrew Funk, the association’s president. Thus, it promotes economic empowerment and poverty reduction via work and active citizenship, so people living in social exclusion can improve their quality of life, and pay for their food, clothing and housing on their own. Last but not least, by giving a voice to people in these situations, it is also gradually building a knowledge-based society with a more accurate understanding of the issues they are facing.  

Committed to Homeless Entrepreneur's cause, ZeroGrey – eCommerce experts with more than 20 years in the digital industry, with offices in Barcelona, Turin, Dublin and New York and recognised expertise in simplifying the complexity of online sales – has decided to contribute its knowledge of the digital environment, as a partner, to the creation of this solidarity and sustainable eShop, the first in Spain with this specific social purpose.

According to Daniel Viniegra, CEO of ZeroGrey Spain "All people should have the opportunity to be part of society regardless of their age, gender, sexual preference or political or religious belief. This is why at ZeroGrey we are committed to helping associations like Homeless Entrepreneur to reach more people, companies and institutions willing to be part of this noble cause through eCommerce solutions."
Why a solidarity eCommerce?
"Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 we realised that in order to reach more people it was necessary to have a digital tool where people, companies and entities from all over Spain can collaborate, no matter where they are, breaking physical barriers. ECommerce is, without a doubt, that great tool," says Andrew Funk, president and founder of Homeless Entrepreneur. "We call on all companies in Barcelona and Spain to join this great project, whether they are companies that sell products for the online shop or services, especially technological ones.”

The creation of this new eCommerce will give way to the first solidarity and sustainable eCommerce in Spain. Homeless Entrepreneur's goal for 2021 is to be able to finance the housing programme for 82 homeless people in Barcelona. The eCommerce store will have its own products such as winter hats, face masks and solidarity calendars. It also aims to include products from collaborating companies, such as T-shirts and sweatshirts, among others.