We give a 360º turn to your eShop by using the leading SaaS Cloud e-commerce platform in Europe – Kooomo –  which combined with our operations and logistics services and digital strategy will take your eShop to the next level.

Do you want to internationalise your business? With our Merchant of Record service you can forget about administrative issues and payments in different countries, meaning you can concentrate on what is most important: your product.

Platform Set-up

We apply to your eShop the most advanced and complete technology on the market: Kooomo. It is a digital Cloud e-commerce platform for brands and retailers selling online and in-store with an omnichannel strategy. Thanks to its proven and cost-effective technology, Kooomo increases the global sales of its clients in all digital channels.

Kooomo has over 350 customers around the world and more than 200 integrated partners in different categories: logistics and fulfilment, payments, customisation, marketing and customer engagement.

Some of Kooomo's global customers are...