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But how have they managed to do this? We interviewed Carmen Sánchez Osuna, Business Development and Partnership Manager at Venca and Brand Manager at Magic Outlet, companies that are part of the Digital Lola Business Group. Sánchez Osuna tells us how both companies experienced and successfully overcame the emergence of the Covid-19 and how they managed to increase their numbers in times of uncertainty.

Magic Outlet, an online store selling fashion and retail products in sales, closed the month of May 2020 with an increase of 441% in sales compared to 2019. With various commercial offers and a larger database of customers and suppliers, this Spanish eCommerce achieved an increase of 321% from April to May 2020 compared to the previous year.

Venca, the big sister of Magic Outlet and Spain's leading fashion eCommerce, has experienced similar results. It has had more than 3 million monthly visits and more than one million monthly unique users between the end of November 2019 and the end of April 2020. April, in particular, had a 40% increase in unique users (without a boost in PPC activity) compared to April last year.
Moulding to the Needs of the Buyer
For a long time, Venca has followed a strategy of expansion and diversification of supply to become more relevant to "real" women and their needs. Magic Outlet also benefited from all this, which is where – especially in this closing period – a large portion of the products were sold. 

As for Venca's future, the intention is to continue diversifying the offer, incorporating more products from other categories. The company will continue to increase the size of its catalogue with new products and categories. Magic Outlet will continue to be the key element in sales products and generating opportunities for customers. As Sánchez Osuna states, "In this way, we want to continue investing in real women and their most beloved environment, not only in fashion but also in accessories".