ZeroGrey launches the new e-shop of Agrimontana, the Italian leader in honey, chestnuts, candied fruits and jam products

January 26, 2021

The renowned Italian brand is starting to grow globally and autonomously

ZeroGrey, the international eCommerce agency with over 20 years of unparalleled experience in the industry, has just released a new e-shop for Agrimontana, empowering it to internationalise simply, safely and efficiently. 

Azienda Agrimontana is a Piedmontese company founded almost 50 years ago that quickly became the market leader for honey, chestnuts, candied fruits and jams in Italy and is now part of the Illy group. It has always maintained artisanal traditions with the support of technology, working in respect of the raw material’s nature, times and taste, with fruits grown locally and sustainably, natural ingredients, no colourants, preservatives or artificial flavourings. Its products enhance recipes and delight the palates of end-customers and professionals from the peninsula and abroad, like Italian and French chefs. 

This new online store just went live after 3 months of setup. It features a very clean layout and attractive pictures of the products that fully reflect the brand values while offering the best enjoyable user experience. 

It is implemented on Kooomo, ZeroGrey’s “sister company" and European leading eCommerce platform. It delivers increased revenues and efficiency with a single solution for all digital sales channels and also supports multiple languages, currencies & VAT rates, avoiding the need for multiple storefronts. 

ZeroGrey has been in charge of the development of the eshop and full-service operations such as logistics (warehouse, courier service...), payments and customer service, while Progesia, partner and initial contributor to the project, is in charge of marketing and administration of the online shop. 

The launch of Agrimontana's ecommerce is another great achievement for ZeroGrey, which has broken its own record in 2020 with the launch of more than 20 digital projects.

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