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ZeroGrey is an international e-commerce agency that develops the digital, managerial, logistics and strategic solutions of e-shopseShops. We simplify the complexity of online sales, encouraging brands to open their products to a global audience.

How can we help your business

We take a 360º turn to the eShops using Kooomo, the SaaS-based eCommercee-commerce platform empowering growth and loved by many enterprise-level clients such as Morrisson’sMorrison’s, Nutmeg, Umbro, MotoGP, Slam, Blauer USA and many more.

We make possible the management of operational areas in order to maximise online sales: international logistics network, omnichannel strategy, multilingual customer service and store management.

We design and implement the sales strategy, accompanied by a 360º Digital Marketing plan, which includes SEO, SEM, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), marketing automation, social media, social ads and inbound marketing.

We manage all the legal and fiscal issues that occur behind each local and international transaction, such as payments, charges, VAT compliance, fraud prevention, payment methods, among others.

Why choose us?

We provide companies with all the necessary services to launch their eShop in a short time, so that they can take care of the most important thing: their product.

01 July 2020

The Story of Two Retail Companies that Have Grown Exponentially During the Covid-19 Pandemic

22 September 2020

Smeg chooses ZeroGrey to launch and manage its first official eShop in Spain

The platform

We are certified partner of Kooomo, Europe's leading SaaS Cloud e-commerce platform.

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