Tailor-made solutions
for omnichannel sales

An organisational model based
on the integration of systems
and the creation of synergies

Experience gained over 14 years,
with projects running
all over the world

5 international offices,
an international team,
hundreds of partners,
millions of users


Zerogrey produces and manages online stores and the multichannel strategy for luxury and fashion brands, creating made-to-measure solutions for each client.
We supply a distribution solution that promotes the rapid growth of company assets or that of partners through the use of the latest advanced technology.
The organisational model is based on the idea of integrating the various operating areas- whether these are controlled directly by the client or outsourced- so as to guarantee a high quality and up-to-date service to the consumer.
The technology, developed in house, ensures that the system is easy to use and controls both the processes and the multichannel strategy.
Our team comes from all five continents and has local expertise: members are able to define the quality standards and sales methods for each and every country.




Zerogrey began operations in the year 2000 and today has offices in Dublin, London, Turin, San Francisco and Shanghai.
What the company does is simple: it helps clients group together, assuring all the industry standards are adhered to, all the areas that make up e-commerce ( websites, logistics, payments, CRM…). Whether the customer requires all the services on offer or just a few, Zerogrey will create an online international presence that is both efficient and appealing, including continuous omnichannel improvements.
Zerogrey undertakes the coordination of distribution channels using an organisational model that integrates all the various operating areas.
The structure is based around the wishes of the brand and aims at consumer satisfaction.


Zerogrey, besides creating a top-level operating structure, has developed in-house knowledge that enrichens the projects it puts together with the companies it works with. Everything is possible thanks to the following company values:


The art of constructing personalised e-commerce and omnichannel solutions is highly complicated and requires sector specialists who work hand-in-hand with other members of the team. We believe in our team: it is unique, professional and cutting-edge!


Zerogrey operations is the division that handles all the activities behind putting together an online and integrated multichannel distribution network, it does so in a practical, functional and targeted way. Modularity, a deep understanding of sales mechanisms and stability are vital elements of our offer. The client is able to choose, from our offer, the services it most needs to reinforce its online and multichannel.

As a result of fourteen years of experience gained in e-commerce by Zerogrey, a new strategic consultancy division has been launched in 2014: Expertail.
Follow this link and discover more.

  • Warehouse management (internal and external to the company)
  • Packaging
  • Choice of courier
  • Transport
  • Tracking
  • Order processing
  • Invoices/Returns
  • International payments
  • Fraud screening
  • Customer support
  • Dedicated store manager
  • Statistics
  • CRM is organised on various levels to meet customer needs
  • Premium services can be put in place with dedicated agents and product lines
  • Qualified mother tongue speakers
  • Calls to Action over a whole season
  • Newsletters
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Affiliate marketing management
  • Banner advertising
  • Facebook page management and advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Web monitoring
  • Viral marketing
  • Brand community
  • Analysis of sales data
  • Analysis of buying behaviour
  • Competitor analysis
  • Reports
  • Key accounting
  • Warehouse stock optimisation
  • Optimisation of pricing policy
  • Screening of conversion levels
  • Initial definition of customer experience

Zerogrey's software system was developed in-house and has been chosen by many clients the world over. It is an asset which promotes competitivity and cost reduction whilst guaranteeing elevated performance and security.
Learn more about Kooomo Saas software.


  • Alberto Guardiani
  • Alfaparf
  • Blauer
  • Blugirl
  • Blumarine
  • Bomboogie
  • Borsalino
  • C.P. Company
  • Diadora
  • Elena Mirò
  • Eleven Seventyseven
  • Havaianas
  • Il Gufo
  • Ipekyol
  • Kocca
  • Luca Roda
  • Motivi
  • North Sails
  • O.X.S.
  • Oltre
  • Orciani
  • Vic Matiè
  • Yamamay


The vast experience gained over the years, together with invaluable input from its clients, has allowed Zerogrey to put together an efficient team of companies and professionals with whom we collaborate on a daily basis.
Thanks to the internally developed computer system, our partners are able to work in complete autonomy.

Zerogrey is continually looking for new partners able to offer specific competencies, either high-end or with strong value adding potential for the positioning of a particular brand. If you would like to contribute by adding your expertise and challenging yourself in an extremely competitive market that offers huge opportunities, please contact us now.

Zerogrey projects, whether e-stores or omnichannel strategy, stand out because they are the fruit of collaborations with:

  • Technology partners
  • Transport companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Payment system companies
  • Implementation partners
  • System integrators
  • Company strategy consultants
  • Marketing agencies
  • Data mining companies
  • Customer care specialists
  • Customer retention specialists
  • Graphics agencies


Giovanni Meda on Fashion magazine

Zerogrey co-founder Giovanni Meda speaks on mobile technologies in e-commerce on Fashion magazine issued on 14.04.2015.

Zerogrey and Kooomo on Fashion magazine

Senior staff of Zerogrey and Kooomo share their views in the Fashion magazine 28.05.2015.

Camicissima "Man's World"

The brand new Camicissima eStore includes html development by Zerogrey and the eShop itself is managed by the Zerogrey eCommerce platform Top on Demand.
The new website is viewable in both Italian and English; by the end of the year it will be available in 6 languages (European + Russian). The Camicissima eShop features the brand’s whole collection, with a range that no physical store could display; distribution is worldwide except for China and the Americas. The new site offers fast product uploads, discount bundles, php filters and shirt personalisation features such as embroidered initials; ad hoc app will be released in 2015.

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Dive into colours

Havaianas restyled its eStore gaining a terrific result!
From now on all the products are displayed by hues, giving an impressive look to the page and in particular showing all the available colours.
The redesigned eShop is accessible on all the devices and is available in 6 languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.
Last but not least: thanks to the Ajax code the customer can add products to the cart from every page.
Web design and html by Zerogrey.

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Zerogrey on Fashion magazine

Giovanni Meda, Zerogrey CEO and cofounder, interviewed on Fashion N. 23, page 27. "The strongest trend is the integration between online and offline" he said.
Read the full article (in Italian).

Start a new shopping experience with Oltre

Zerogrey, beyond the eShop management, has developed the website html.
Some highlights: - The scroll down homepage focuses on just arrived items, promotions and shows full screen video
- Checkout process is developed in one page
- Cross fidelity program between Miroglio Group brands Oltre, Motivi and Fiorella Rubino

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Holiday Season 2014 "special pack"

The hottest season for online sales is approaching. Zerogrey, for the pre-Christmas period, is offering a special package of promotions that will also include a "gift option" in the shipping preferences. This added function allows the end consumer to send presents to third parties or to receive purchases at home already wrapped.
For more information write to marketing[at]

Restyled "outfit" for Sergio Tacchini eShop

Sergio Tacchini just unveiled his restyled online store managed by Zerogrey.

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Strategic warehouses for UK and Russian markets

We would like to remind that Zerogrey offers its own warehouse facility in UK and Russia.

Customised suitcases from Carpisa eShop

Carpisa Tattoo is a new project which allows customers to transform suitcases into unique objects: on the website you can select and personalise a suitcase with a drawing or an uploaded picture, or you can take inspiration from the galleries created by the Carpisa Tattooer. These collections of images are posted by young creatives and Carpisa gives them the possibility of earning commission when a Carpisa Tattoo case is personalised with their creation. Zerogrey is the partner of choice for Carpisa eCommerce.

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Ipekyol breaks into EU with eCommerce

This Turkish brand of clothing has just entered the European market via an e-shop created in partnership with Zerogrey. Ipekyol, which focuses on women’s fashion, has many stores in Turkey. The international website is available in English and German

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Orciani: the luxury experience "made in leather"

Claudio Orciani made his first menswear belt back in '78. Since that time the brand has grown enormously, expanding to include a wide range of accessories, in fine leathers, for both men and women. Orciani collections are now being sold online, in the brand new e-shop created by LAB81 and managed by Zerogrey.

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Havaianas mobile app

Thanks to the “new” APIs concept - which comes within our e-commerce platform Top on Demand - a brand can ask to any external agency to develop a “shopping” app for smartphones. Seek on iTunes or Google Play what Havaianas just did… shopping will never be the same!
App on: iTunes Store
App on: Google Play

Glam and minimalism for Eleven Seventyseven

The new Eleven Seventyseven website has a strong identity that you cannot fail to notice and appreciate. Surf the various categories (patterns, genders, typologies) and then shop in the e-store managed by Zerogrey. Alongside Italian and English, the website and eshop are available in Russian and Japanese. Social media icons, videos, size charts, a wish-list facility and gift card options complete the shopping experience.

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Do you know Google Shopping?

With our e-commerce management platform Top on Demand it is possible to expand the online distribution channels to include Google Shopping - the Google section dedicated to product research, comparison and purchase.
Each listing in Google Shopping is generated and updated automatically by an .Xml file exported from Top on Demand.
If you are not familiar with Google Shopping, you can find information on Google Merchant Center or watch this short video presentation.

Want to know more? Write to us!

Emotional e-shop for Linea Marche group brands

Vic Matiè and O.X.S., two brands belonging to the Italian group from the Marche region of Italy, led by Renato Curzi, have revamped their image by launching new websites. Zerogrey was called upon to develop and manage their e-commerce systems using the Top on Demand platform.
Visit Vic Matiè website
Visit O.X.S. website

Italia Independent again with Zerogrey

Superior browsing speed, ease of use, suitable for all devices and with the addition of multiple language options, alongside Italian and English - Italia Independent entrusted Zerogrey with the restyling and management of their e-shop, launched on July 16th.

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Zerogrey renews it's company image and splits in a three way

Zerogrey accepts the actual challenge and rises to it by launching a new strategy to support fashion and lifestyle companies with the clear objective of offering strategic and operational support.

The various areas that have, until now, worked together as one organism will now separate, giving rise to three independent departments that can offer their services either singularly or in synergy with the other two: one division will focus on software management and its development - Top on Demand; a second division will offer top-level, international operational customer support to its partners - Zerogrey Operations; and a third division will offer strategic management consultancy - Expertail.

Salewa raises the bar

Zerogrey have recently made some major changes to the e-shop of Salewa, the well-known brand of mountain sports clothing. Using the new template Skeleton, part of the management and e-commerce software offer of Top on Demand, the website is now highly responsive and several new filters have been added to help consumers select the desired products.
Further improvements include the addition of social media icons and the ability of the site to locate the nearest store/retailer. The site has also been optimised in terms of speed, to make completing the purchase path easier.

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A new tack for North Sails

The famous brand of sportswear and casualwear North Sails has chosen Zerogrey to manage its e-commerce business. On the web homepage you immediately encounter a "get inspired" section, which illustrates the lookbook of the season.
Each outfit is presented as a complete look, with a video of a model wearing the clothes and photographs of each separate product: in this format it is possible to put each item that makes up the full outfit into the shopping cart with just one click of the mouse.
The customer support page, managed by Zerogrey, gives detailed information on consumer services, payments, returns, refunds and shipments.

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New "eLook" for Blumarine and Blugirl

Emotional impact and buying experience come together in the digital through the construction of three websites, managed in the graphics and layout by H-ART agency, in the development and e-commerce management by Zerogrey.

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CMS by Zerogrey for Elena Mirò

The website has been created using the multilingual system which automatically redirects the users according to their location.
Thanks to the customized CMS, the Brand is independently able to enter and to edit its own textual and photographic contents.
Large images - also used in the "mega menu" - characterize the website. Catwalks, collections, lookbooks and "stories of friendship" are the core of this project. The new e-shop will be launched in the next months.

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Ecommerce Expo in Paris

The event registered around 30,000 visitors, professionals in the world of the web, which are meeting in Paris to discover all the latest trends of ecommerce and digital marketing.
An important opportunity to Zerogrey, who met with key suppliers and new partners having a closer look of the innovations of the year. The Ecommerce Expo hosted more than 500 international companies who have proposed the best technologies and applications for the management of logistics and CRM systems, the development of strategies and softwares to support ecommerce platforms, maximizing the customer experience.

Zerogrey New Developments: Personalised Product Feature

Zerogrey platform now provide users with the possibility to buy custom products, such as customized sneakers or bags.
The component is built using HTML5, AJAX to work cross browser and taking full advantage of modern browsers.

New Google Search Engine Update: Penguin 2.0

So what should lead Your Online Marketing Strategy: SEO or Content? With the new Google Update, the features have a new spam fighting technology in regards to anchor links and spam content on websites.
If you would like to know if your website is affected by the new Google Penguin 2.0 update, contact our marketing team.

Italian Independent & Zerogrey: a world without barriers

Zerogrey has developed the e-commerce platform for Italia Independent, a creative brand for independent and stylish people which has strengthened its online presence by relaunching its site.
Built on standards HTML5 and CSS3, the new site offers a perfect interaction with the latest mobile platforms, from tablets to smartphones, ensuring optimal navigation on all media.
The new Italia Independent website stands out for its unique interface, graphics and content.



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